April 1, 2020
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Samir Belhamra is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer who recently visited Valensole, in the south of France, to take photos of the beautiful blooming lavender fields and his photos will leave you breathless.

Lavenders only bloom once a year, usually from late June to early August. Samir told Mauricioaedo that for him, lavender fields are not only one of the most beautiful places in France, but also around the world.

More info: Samir Belhamra | Instagram | 500px | h/t

Photographer Samir Belhamra visited the blooming lavender fields in Southern France and took breathtaking photos

The photographer had recently bought a drone and wanted to take this opportunity to shoot the fields from above. Needless to say, the photos were amazing: you can almost smell the purple sea of ​​lavender!
To edit his photos, Samir uses Lightroom for light touch-ups and Photoshop to achieve the mood he really wants.

As we have seen many examples of tourists that destroy nature just to get a good image, Samir wanted to add that he was 100% respectful of the farmer and his lavender field and believes that all photographers should care and respect nature.

The most common species of lavender grown worldwide is English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). It is grown for its high-quality lavender oil.

Lavender oil is typically used as a perfume or for aromatherapy. It can also be used in massage therapy to induce relaxation through skin contact.



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